Is taking care of yourself, or taking time for yourself WAY out of your comfort zone?

I was you

I feel you

I see you

And I have something for you!


I know you must be so ready to do things a little differently

and that deep down in your soul you know you need it.

We start on 30th July 2021

    The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself...

    The Who Am I experiment is an incredible gift to give yourself as a woman in this trying world. Loving, knowing and accepting ourselves deeply and completely can seem a long way out of reach.  


    Feelings of unworthiness, needing to be perfect, being too busy or fear of being seem can make self-love feel impossible...

    • The Who am I experiment is an opportunity to come on a journey of self discovery

    • You've been searching for too long

    • You've been feeling drawn to something but you haven't known what it is you need

    We are going to be delving into this and so much more...

    • Short, sharp, morning bursts of loveliness straight into your inbox.

    • A daily task that will excite you, inspire you, give you insights, stimulate your creative juices and be fun!

    • You will feel replenished, balanced and self-connected.

    • The discoveries you'll make will shift your perceptions and you'll feel joie de vivre.

    • There has never been a better time to join our group of wonderful women. You're going to fit right in with us... we are coming together.

    " The community was very supportive... the women who opened up inspired me to step into my own bravery and be vulnerable, and I was accepted which felt very powerful. Natasha gently but actively helped us to be accountable to ourselves. "

    Doesn’t that sound like exactly what you need?

    After the year we have all had - a more loving and gentle experience of who you are is on the other side of the 21 days...

    When we stop and ask WHO AM I? and other questions of self-enquiry, we start a flow of deeper questioning and growing.


    During the Who Am I experiment we will question ourselves with curiosity.

    We will experience ourselves in new ways as we bend and stretch the enquiries.


    Sometimes it will feel exciting,

    Sometimes mind blowing,

    Sometimes challenging.


    But after the 21 days, all of us will have seen ourselves through a new lens.

    We're going to upset the apple cart and create ourselves without all the patterns from the past...

      I'm Natasha de Grunwald

      As a teenager I went through some deeply troubling and traumatic times which resulted in my following a painful path for a while. My experience of my body and subsequently who I was had become so negative and distorted, I sunk very low.  


      A family friend offered me support, she helped me open up to who I am and I began to find curiosity about myself. These were magical sprinklings of ‘hope dust’. I found out that I was worth being curious about, I found hope, I found self acceptance. This was the medicine.


      I have been curious about who I am and what makes people tick my whole life, even in the darkest of hours I would observe people around me and as a deep empath/intuitive I always saw what others were unaware of.

      This level of self enquiry and observation has taken me to some far out and deep places. I have worked with all manner of therapists, healers, practitioners from all over the world and have pushed myself to edges to really understand myself at a deep level. 


      I have also had a lot of fun with my journey, have a very unique and unusual perspective and look at the world through fresh eyes.


      Facilitating the Who Am I experiment has been deeply rewarding and life affirming for me. Being able to share my approach, watch women discover themselves through curiosity and come home to themselves is magical.


      I want you to know how it feels to know yourself deeply, because there is truly a better life waiting for you when you do.

      Will you join us?

      Still got questions... here's what our previous participants have said...

      I just don't know if I can make time...

      " I am full with courses. I didn’t know my level of commitment...yet everyday I looked forward to the tasks and the thoughts they provoked. There were many areas that I hadn’t considered before, I understand there is so much for me to learn, feel, see, hear and smell! Brilliant. "

      What makes this experience unique?

      " I rarely do things just for me and this experiment was totally for me. It was my little secret. My time to just be me. Lovely to know that others are dealing with similar experiences and amazing to learn so much about oneself in such a short space of time. "

      I am feeling overwhelmed by all my thoughts and don't want to exacerbate this feeling?

      " I had lots of fun doing this experiment, was so refreshing to do something that was lighthearted but also very valuable. Can’t wait to sign up for the next one!  "

      What will I get out of it?

      " It provides a gentle shift in thinking through thought provoking, fun and sometimes out of your comfort zone experiences. The whole experiment has helped me to be more gentle on myself and see myself in a more positive light. It’s been truly wonderful and Natasha has been the perfect guide. "

      It's going to be...

      • Fun

      • Naughty

      • Peaceful

      • Graceful

      • And completely different to anything you have done in the past!

      © 2020 Natasha De Grunwald