A 4 week journey into healing your emotional body

    I know you're not feeling great right now, that you're on edge, holding it all together - just.


    That fear is running through your veins, like a trickle spreading over your whole body.


    It is so strong it pulses with every beat of your racing heart,
    your brain is foggy, you are irritable.


    You wake up with that feeling of dread, anxious about the day ahead and everything you have to do.


    Your body feels weary.

      What happened to all the energy, enthusiasm, clarity you once had?

      You have been keeping it all together for so long, putting a smile on your face.

       Only now you have hit a wall.

      The fear is there all day like an undercurrent - it's pulling you down.

      You have decisions to make but can't.

      You feel stuck and immobilised.

        Let me tell you this...

        You are not broken.

        Your emotions are there for a reason.

        They are a guide to understanding and creating a more compassionate relationship with your internal experience.

        Fear can keep us very reactive and disconnected from who we are.

        Becoming tender and able to witness yourself with love and let feelings come through is a rich opportunity to heal.

        It completely changes your relationship with who you are and your lived experience when you are no longer afraid of what you feel or what you hold inside.

        You can trust yourself, you can listen to yourself, you can feel grounded again.

        Tuning you into yourself with care and peeking behind those doors you closed through fear, and meeting them with love is transformative. 

        Your body can become a safe space and a home for you again.

        There are tools to help you with your emotional experience, to understand and acknowledge, heal and release.


        They are all contained in my group programme...


        A 4 week journey into healing your emotional body.

        Release the fear that's holding you back, and gripping you so tight.

        Only £370




        And it's time to listen and create a better life experience...

        Isn't it?

        This course will help you feel able to cope again, to feel stable even when you have big emotions and times are tough, to feel safe within yourself.


        Giving yourself this time each week when we come together as a group will have a direct impact on your work, family, relationships - these have all been affected whilst you've been suffering and barely coping.

          • Week 1: Meeting yourself with love & the shadow

          • Week 2: Trusting and listening to your intuition

          • Week 3: Being with anger and setting boundaries

          • Week 4: Releasing anxiety and fear 

          • Bonuses: Honouring yourself. An energy clearing practice.

          What is the commitment?

          When are the sessions?

          What if I miss a week?

          Only £370

          Hi, I'm Natasha de Grunwald

          I see your fear.  I see it because for many years as a teenager and young adult I was living with it.  I have spent many years working through the multiple layers of fear that were keeping me stuck and had contributed to trauma held in my body.  The learnings from this have become medicine for me to share in my life. 



          Perhaps you can't make decisions without feeling huge anxiety or confusion.

          Perhaps you know what you want but cannot take action.

          Maybe you have lost trust in yourself.

          You don't need to grow thicker skin -
          ...because if you allow the feelings to come through, you can release them. They dissolve away and become far less scary - you find you can not only cope, but thrive.


          You don't need to hide or pretend you're ok, keeping on top of it all -

          ...you can be with whatever is truly showing up for you in the present moment to heal yourself.


          This 4 week healing journey is about...






          ...so that you can understand yourself deeply and find peace, energy, aliveness again.

          Only £370

          © 2021 Natasha De Grunwald