You are on a journey to learn about yourself aren't you?


You are seeking a deeply healing self-help practice. 


You want to explore your inner wisdom and unlock the door to who you really are...

Join us for breathwork...

    Group Breathe experience

    Monthly 1 hour sessions on zoom

    Private sessions with Natasha

    90 minutes on zoom or in person

    “What if there was something right under your nose that could change the way you see the world and offer you health harmony and peace of mind? Wouldn’t you want to know what it was?”

    Anthony Abbagnano, Founder of Alchemy of Breath

    Breathwork is the key to having a balanced body, mind and soul

    It is a revolutionary approach to self improvement and self healing and to opening up your bodies archive so you can listen and deepen into your innate wisdom.


    It is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to become connected to your true self and this positively alters your experience of the inner and outer worlds.


    When we breathe, we release, restore and reconnect.


    The simple act of conscious, connected, cyclical breathing is an invitation to take part in your own awakening and evolution.


    To come home to yourself.


    The breath is simple medicine - for your mind, body and soul.


    You can breathe your way to optimum health and your ultimate potential

    - sounds too good to be true, I know -

    But the science is there to back it up AND this is a practice which is thousands of years old.

    What if you could increase your self confidence, self-esteem  and find inner peace?


    Imagine experiencing a deep sense of wellbeing...

    " Incredible amounts of energy after the session and I felt euphoric, such a wonderful feeling after a year of lockdowns."


    • Improves mental clarity & focus 

    • Creates calm throughout the whole body

    • Integrates and heals past trauma

    • Strengthens the immune system

    • Improves respiration, physical performance and general health

    • Helps with insomnia and anxiety

    • Releases stored emotions and clears old patterns/beliefs 

    • Enhances Peak performance

    Group Breathe experience

    Monthly 1 hour sessions on zoom

    Private sessions with Natasha

    90 minutes on zoom or in person

    The breath is medicine that only ever works for your highest good

    If you want to enhance every aspect of your life, breathwork is the key.


    Your breathing experiences will be

    profound - beautiful - moving - magical

    and deeply transformative.


    I have been a breather my whole life, as you have too.  

    But when we learn how to actively breathe, when we take up ‘breathwork’ in a safe and grounded space...

    • We begin to access our deepest wisdom

    • We connect to the 95% of our subconscious mind

    • ...and we can explore ourselves in a transformational way

    When you slow down and take time to connect to this life-giving aspect of yourself, this simple tool becomes a profound gift. 


    When you listen to your body, through the breath, you find



    and sensations

    surfacing and you find answers you may have been seeking your whole life.

    I had no idea what breathwork was, but I trusted Natasha completely and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life so far.

    I have answers...

    Group sessions or 1:1?

    When are the sessions?

    Are sessions online or in person?

    How to prepare:

    After the session:

    There will be time to rest afterwards and an opportunity to share (if you wish) or ask questions.  It is often handy to have a journal close by to make some notes about the experience.


    I will also make suggestions about aftercare and further sessions.

    © 2021 Natasha De Grunwald